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Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
JLV, while that's a very neat site, I believe ShadeKeep - plus myself and others - want is to see those games commercially available again. Many of us are aware of the options, legal and illegal, to acquire digital copies of the old games. But when considering the actual manufacture and sale of them, the legalities are very simple: have the permission (or direct involvement) of the copyright holder. I wouldn't invest my money in a project where I wasn't 100% sure of the rights, and I know neither would SJ Games.

So, while I almost certainly will print out copies of the Dwarfstar catalog and modify them to fit in spare Pocket Boxes, I'd prefer to see them in stores.
Colonel, I think we all feel that way; however the question seemed to be about what SPI games you might be able to experiment with, vice actually returning them to sale, so that was what I addressed. Certainly, the only way to ever return them to sale is to get with the copyright holder and determine what can be done. For SPI games, the initial stop in any inquiry should be Decision Games, since they hold the vast majority of SPI's old copyrights and can best answer your questions on the subject. As far as Dwarfstar goes, I would recommend the owner of the web site hosting them as your first stop...

(Actually, you know what I'd really like to see? I'd like to see Steve Jackson work a deal with the Dwarfstar folks to re-publish their games in a whole new series of pocket box games! "Pocket Box game for the Twenties!!!" That would be total awesomeness! Almost certainly won't happen (I think SJG has plenty of other projects on the fire for the foreseeable future), but wouldn't that be the greatest thing since canned beer? ;-) )
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