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Default 'Superheroes of Cidri'

Now that I've got my hard copy Companion I'm paying more attention to some of the things in it; one thing that I am doing immediately is adapting the Superheroes rules to create an interesting new group of rare but interesting NPCs in my Cidri campaign. The first one I made is more or less like Beowulf, if he had sunk into desperate alcoholism instead of becoming King. The PC's in my current campaign will cross paths with him in a road house the next time they return to civilization for rest and supplies. But there is a ton of potential here for other sorts of concepts. One I have in mind is to cook up a cadre of more-than-human NPCs who have established competing kindgoms/evil sorcerer realms, and who have some backstory connection with one another, a-la the Princes of Amber stories. I haven't decided whether or not I'll ever let people create PCs at this power level.
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