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Two other facing schemes I have done for such 2-hex humanoids are:

_ F F F


_ R R S

^ That one gives a right-hand bias, but has the advantage of being more like what single-hex humanoids get (50% front hexes).


_ F F F

1 G G 1

_ S R S

^ That one is essentially the same as the one you've been using, which has the advantage of being intuitive and symmetrical, but the "1" hexes are like side hexes except they only give attackers a +1 to hit you, not a +2. A shield would also offer protection from the appropriate side but not from the opposite one.

In both cases, you may also at some point find a need for exactly which hexes such a figure can see, throw/ranged-attack-spellcast into, and also which hexes they can two-hex jab into, or not. Also questions about what hexes they occupy when lying down or swimming... and possibly what their vision/spellcasting/disbelief diagram is like at that point.
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