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Default Re: Armored... Shoes?

Originally Posted by Warlockco View Post
I've worn holes in several pairs of boots (at most I tend to pay $150ish for mine). Have tried to salvage them by getting them re-soled but it just throws the feel/fit off, so I end up replacing them. I find I'm using replacing my heels before even having to worry about the soles.
Colorado has that same "Western" feel for formal footwear, so nice to have a nice pair of black boots that I just need to polish up to wear when I need something nice.
I've noticed that I tend to walk more on the "balls" of my feet even in shoes. But in light boots, I walk more on the heel, which took some getting used to as it's somewhat of an unnatural gait for me.
Since just this year I've taken up light running, I will have to wait and see how I wear out my present pair.
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