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Default Re: Power-Ups for RPM?

You could have the Tree able to gather energy, and only gather energy. Rather than build it up as a giant ER battery, build it as something like this:

RPM Battery - 10/level

Statistics: Magery (Assisting Others Only, -60%) [4/level] + Natural Caster (Assisting Others Only, -60%) [6/level]

Allow Natural Caster to be taken as many times as you'd like. You'd also probably want to buy Thaumatology and the nine path skills at 1 point and Natural Caster of 3, for a total cost of [22]. The tree would be able to cast spells at IQ-3, or collaborate with others in a spell as if they had the casting skill at IQ+RPM Battery Level.

Note that this is still pretty expensive, though.
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