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Default Re: Questions about Munchkin

Originally Posted by Wandering Monster View Post
If I roll the die for some random card, not a monster, lets just say The Dungeon Casino card from Clerical Errors, and I roll a death symbol. Do I die?
There is no such a thing as a death symbol. It's just the Munchkin face, from the cover, representing the number 1. Treat it as just 1.
From Munchkin Cthulhu, when the game begins and I look at my hand, for example, I was dealt with a Cultist and an Investigator. Can I choose to become an Investigator? Could I just keep the Cultist in my hand? Or do I immediately become one?
You can choose, the only times you are forced to become a Cultist is when another card tells you so, and you have discarded Cultist cards on the discard pile (note that Cultist cards go to their own discard)

What exactly is the point of The Bagpipes card, from the Cthulhu deck? Does the die roll give you a bonus? But the card says "They do not help you in the combat, and you must discard the card if you cannot kill the monster without using the Bagpipes".
You are ignoring the rest of the text. On a 6+ result they do not help you, if you roll 1-5 you get that bonus.
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