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Default Re: Increasing the Cost of Purchasing Spells

Originally Posted by MikMod View Post
A new arm is practically priceless, and I'm fairly sure wizards will have worked out that people will spend way more than $40 on it! I'm guessing they could raise the price to $20-30,000 or so and still not be terribly short of customers. That's if they're even interested in that kind of work, coz if they're not that will push the price even higher!
In a free(-ish) market, supply and demand would drive the prices down. Wizards would undercut each other to get business, especially if there are a lot of people in need of regeneration -- the more in need (and the poorer they are), the more opportunities for wizards to undercut each other to use this risk-free spell. Market forces should drive the price in line with every other 30 ST spell.

The Wizards' Guild might like to force the price high but that would require the guild to police the use of the spell (which would be costly and eat into their dues).
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