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Default Re: Increasing the Cost of Purchasing Spells

This is basic economics. The list price of a wizards time is the absolute minimum value they would ever charge.

Prices are set by two factors, the 'cost' of manufacturing - which is pretty low for Regeneration, and what people are prepared to pay for your product.

A new arm is practically priceless, and I'm fairly sure wizards will have worked out that people will spend way more than $40 on it! I'm guessing they could raise the price to $20-30,000 or so and still not be terribly short of customers. That's if they're even interested in that kind of work, coz if they're not that will push the price even higher!

This wouldn't be the case if asking a wizard to cast blur on you for a minute or two. But then, again, if the wizard has something better to do (hint: they do) then again you have to pay them for the irritation cost.

Glamour might be another spell which mages could easily use to rake in the silver, especially if they're doing it gradually - like a scorcerous plastic surgeon.

BTW, I seriously think most wizards would be near the richest people and getting VERY well paid for casting the occasional spell. Adventuring really isn't going to be a wizards first idea of fun.
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