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Default Re: Sociopaths in In Nomine

Originally Posted by Acolyte View Post

I like that some of these might be Gorgons or Nephallim, but I wouldn't say that that's always true--I'd rather not move back towards every bit of human crazy originating in Heaven or Hell (or the Marches). ...
Agreed. I didn't mean to suggest that all sociopathy could be traced back to the ethereals and the Grigori, only that it might provide an interesting explanation for some of them.

As far as Fire is concerned, Fire's definition of cruel is I think an absolute. Kicking a kid in the face is cruel. Simple. Servitors of Gabriel are rarely subtle when meting out punishment. As for which Choirs would be most interesting in taking out a sociopath, my gut says Malakim, but Seraphim make sense too.
Again, agreed -- I picked the Choirs that I did because their description says they hunt those who enjoy their cruelty (which wouldn't apply here). And yes, since Malakim of Fire are given the special cases, these would certainly qualify. ;)

Originally Posted by SamAnderson View Post

One random thought that does occur to me -- sociopaths have been described as "subtly constructed reflex machines." As noted, they seem to feel little or no emotion, they can't really make moral decisions... I wonder if you could simply say that a certain number of humans are born as the corporeal equivalent of a Remnant. They have Corporeal and Ethereal Forces, but no Celestial. They can think, and they have biological drives, but there's no soul in there.

But unlike an angel or demon, they were born this way, and they can learn to fake it so well most people can't tell the difference.
Oooh! I smell a story-hook ...
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