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Originally Posted by GWJ View Post
Yeah, that's my problem - I don't know how much. And if selling price is (40% of) lower value of estimated price and market price - it's rather important :)
I use a very wide range. I take precedent from the amount that wealth levels affect prices. So it's easily possible that a PC might undervalue something by 50% or more. Depends on the item, obviously, and how many of its valuable elements they've identified.

I usually keep all non-monetary loot in a spreadsheet with entries for the "real" value (whatever that means) and whatever they think it's worth. Whenever they sell things I calculate based on their estimate and the wealth level of the seller (modified for unusual conditions as needed).

For my old GURPS 3e game in the '90s and early '00s, I built an online database that tracked loot, who was carrying it, and magical items. Every property was private to the GM unless I unlocked it for the PC to see on their description. They could print a summary page plus little "item cards" that would fit in a Magic Card sleeves in their character binders so they could have all their special items available and easily swap them around the table. Those were the days! I don't have the resources that I once had for this sort of thing. (I'm poorer, busier, and have far less discretionary time... but someday the kids will go to college, right?)
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