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Default Re: {In Nomine} Favorite Canon Superiors?

I do have some particular favorites... on the side of Heaven, I particularly like Laurence and Marc. With Laurence, it's fun for me to be a part of a well-oiled machine that's trying to cope with the randomness of the world (and the other PCs). With Marc, I get a strong feeling of "It's my job to keep the system running", which gives me warm frubblies.

On the Infernal side, I like playing more-nuanced servitors of Lust, and being a Vapulan can be fascinating. For Andrealphus, it's challenging to keep your relationships from getting too close, but keeping things on a low enough simmer to actually get things done. As a Technician, you get all these really neat toys... and if things go wrong, you do what PCs have done since time immemorial -- improvise, adapt, and overcome!
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