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Default Re: Questions raised in the Codex FAQ.

Originally Posted by tbeard1999 View Post
It was reviewed in a capsule review in TSG 41. It had a list price of $10, which is what I recall paying. That’s $29 in today’s money. Anyhow, the reviewer made many of the same points and ended with:

“While the index to TFT is quite useful (and should have been released separately at a lower price), what Metagarning seems to have with THE FANTASY MASTERS' CODEX 1981 is too little for too much. Unless you have to have the index, I'd recommend you grit your teeth and wait for THE FANTASY MASTERS' CODEX 1982, which hopefully will be typeset and cost less.”
Yeah, as I recall, I paid $10 for it originally myself (in my FLGS). I bought it primarily for the Index, but there were a couple of other things that were useful. Rick, your FLGS wasn't so F, it seems...

Originally Posted by Terquem View Post
I don't want to be a downer here, but you should always be cautious of posting material directly from a document under the protection of copyright, regardless of who might be the holder

There are certain permissions granted by law, such as academic reviews, criticism, and others, but still, be cautious.
To say nothing of the SJG Forum rules about that sort of thing...
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