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Default Re: Help needed with leveled powers

A great book of worked examples of what your trying to achieve is GURPS Psionic Powers.
What you have works fine for a leveled advantage but what if you want a Sign for say Astral Projection or Warp?
Essentially what that book does is have you buy the lower levels with bigger limitations and the upper levels buy some of those off or add enhancements. Sometimes even adding a new power to be used together.

Another thing is that by RAW if you want to do less then full damage on an IA or use most abilities at less then full power you buy Variable effect. It is cheap too.

A UB cost of 15 or more is fine if your only allowing 1 PC per party. They have to pay an entry fee basically to get the powers no one else is allowed to buy.
It helps balance out the party.
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