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Question 7 [MC]

Is TIO one of the big three corporations or is it one of the more numerous merely vast corporations?
Answer 7 [MC] - Corporate Rankings
TIO is one of the bigger sharks in the sea, but not in the world's Giga Three. It ranks a strong 3rd in the South and Central America (SACA) sphere, behind Brazilian Imperador Integrated and Civ-Peninsular from Macau. Annual global rankings put it hovering between #15 and #18, jumping from #30 after the takeover of Steiner Acquisitions 11 years ago.

Originally Posted by Tyneras View Post
Q6 [STG] --> Q8 [STG] What was the most recent disaster (natural or man-made) to dominate popular dialog? Was it everything it seemed to be? How did it effect business?
Question 8 [STG] - Eco-disaster
Locally, the most notable disaster has been Agent Gold, an ecological disaster of the highest order afflicting the Amazon Basin and the whole region's forestry and agriculture. Agent Gold is a bioengineered mycoplague defoliant that has caused a 30% loss of remaining rainforest since its release 5 years ago, and is threatening a much greater impact against regional agriculture. Pan-America Compact forces were originally blamed for its release but the PAC Parliament redirects blame to the guerrilla groups they were supposedly fighting, while guerrilla propaganda names malfeasant corporate actors as the culprits.

Business, as always, has profited from the situation, variously by stepping in with safe agricultural imports, by claiming government grants and tax breaks for preservation and rejuvenation projects, and by manufacturing fungicides and mycophages to combat the plague.

Originally Posted by Tyneras View Post
Q7 [MC] --> Q10[MC] How do corporate employees get around? Are the skyscrapers self contained or do workers need to commute significant distances?
Answer 10 [MC] - TIO Commuters
Even within TIO, this varies greatly between cities and with local conditions. For example, their Perla Andina corporate arcology in La Paz, Bolivia, claims the record for world's highest arcology. It houses 20,000 employees in decent conditions who can walk, elevator or travelator to work. Compare that to their Santo Domingo offices in Dominica, which are a trilogy of squat glass towers sitting in the bay accessed by high-speed rail, quadrotor and ferry from disparate corporate communes around the island.

Question 11 [STG] - Giga Three Corporations
Who are the Giga Three, the world's dominant gigacorps?

Question 12 [MC] - Corporate Myth
Many corporations had humble beginnings, starting in someone's garage or by selling a nerve tonic for 5c a bottle. What is TIO's "corporate mythology"?
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