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Default Re: [GAME] Incorporate a Cyberpunk Megacorp

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Q5 [STG]
Money. Are central banks still important, or do corporations issue scrip? Or maybe something else?
A5 [STG] Central banks have experienced a recent resurgence of importance after several other megacorps issuing company script had catastrophic financial meltdowns. These central banks are now aggressively seeking to cement their power and position, putting them in a highly antagonistic position with bashcoin which is still the dominant currency of the black market and small businesses.

Q8 [STG] What was the most recent disaster (natural or man-made) to dominate popular dialog? Was it everything it seemed to be? How did it effect business?

Q9 [MC]
What's the standard issue firearm for corp-sec officers?
A9 [MC]
Electrolasers and vortex-ring launchers are everywhere, they can be used with reckless abandon even in crowds without any public outcry or government response. Even fatal accidents caused by these weapons tend to get shrugged off with little more than fines (which are nothing to a megacorp).

Q10 [MC] How do corporate employees get around? Are the skyscrapers self contained or do workers need to commute significant distances
GURPS Fanzine The Path of Cunning is worth a read.

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