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Default Re: [GAME] Incorporate a Cyberpunk Megacorp

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One of the most lucrative is Tio, having correctly anticipated the rise of corporate opportunity in South and Central America the Technology Innovation Organization incorporated at just the right time to ride the rise in consumerism in that region to the top.
I think you got the question mixed up; we're fleshing out one megacorporation, not several. I'll answer both anyway.

Originally Posted by benz72 View Post
What is the nature of the relationship between the largest corporations and governments?
Depends. In China or Arabia, they're all state-owned anyway, so it doesn't really matter. In the West, they ostensibly have to answer to the government, but after Kilosys brought down the Dawson government in New Zealand, everyone's to afraid to go against them. In the kleptocracies of the global south and Russia, the corporations are in bed with the government. There are a couple of space colonies where the corporations are the government, but there are barely more than ten thousand people up there. North Korea is literally a puppet government run by a few corporations.

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How many GigaCorps are there on Earth?
Well, if a megacorp has a revenue of a million million dollars, and a gigacorp has a revenue of a billion million dollars, then there may be two, maybe three gigacorps. If you mean hegemonic, powerful corporations, there's probably twenty to fifty, depending on who's counting.

Money. Are central banks still important, or do corporations issue scrip? Or maybe something else?

Does Tio dominate any particular market niches or technologies? Or does it make up for not having any through sheer dominance in Latin America?
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