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Default [GAME] Incorporate a Cyberpunk Megacorp

As per (E)'s request and my own hankerings, and in spite of ericthered's warnings...


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Systems greedings, World Hackers!
That jolly ol' fixer in a crimson fedora and duster coat, Shanty Claws, decked out in half a million euyen of backstreet modded gear from Northpool, has dropboxed a gift-module for you under the blinking lights of the File Directory Tree. Ripping off its RFID tags and anti-static polymer sheath reveals…. A glittering new megacorp!

Well, get to it, cyberpunks! What does it look like?
Chip in, slot up, pysch out - time to hack together a setting!!
Regards, D41-60r0xx


This is a collaborative setting building game, this time with the objective of making a cyberpunk megacorp. Megacorps are an essential part of the cyberpunk genre, such as Bladerunner's Tyrell Corporation and 2049's Wallace Corp, Alien's Weyland-Yutani, Mr Robot's Evil-corp, Neuromancer's Tessler-Ashpool SA or Robocop's Omni-Consumer Products. They may be benevolent, malign, ambivalent, or a mixture of all three simultaneously. They might monopolise the economy, be the only one worth mentioning, or be one of many sharks swimming in the sea.

For this iteration of the game, I'd like to try an experiment. We can't fully describe a megacorp without knowing the specifics of the cyberpunk setting we're installing it in, but I neither want to use an established setting nor vaguely handwave a too-generic cyberpunk background. Therefore, we'll try to build the setting and the megacorp in two parallel question streams. These can cross-reference and cross-germinate each other, with the intent that the megacorp will fit into the setting as we build the setting around it.

Thus, the method will be like this:
- Answer the preceding question(s) with your awesome cyberpunk world-building skills
- Pose your own setting question and/or megacorp question
- Question numbers will go sequentially across both question streams, so no doubling up on question numbers. Mark setting questions as [STG] and megacorp questions with [MC].
- We'll start off with one setting question [STG] and one megacorp question [MC] per post, but we'll allow more when we have some of the setting basics hacked out.
- To make it easier to read through, clearly mark questions and answer titles in bold, and quote the question you're answering, in the below format. Also try to use line breaks to break up wall-of-text answers.

Post format:
Originally Posted by ericthered
Question 8) [STG] What's the main currency?
Answer 8 [STG]- Currency
The government-backed currency is the euyen, but the crypto bashcoin is very popular for tax-free, street and black market purposes.

Question 9 [MC]
What's the standard issue firearm for corp-sec officers?


And here's a rundown of some previous efforts-


So, to initiate the process:

Question 1 [STG]
What is the location and scope of our setting?
Are we going to focus on just one city or the whole globe?
Is it on a future Earth, elsewhere in the solar system, somewhere else in space, or a completely fictional cyberpunk secondary world divorced from Earth-based history and geo-politics (I see no reason why only fantasy can have made-up worlds, so this might be a cool avenue worth exploring).

Question 2 [MC]
What's the name of our putative megacorp?
Collaborative Settings:
Cyberpunk: Duopoly Nation
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
And heaps of forum collabs, 30+ and counting!

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