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Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Aren't most gods cosmic judges and nobles? Mythologies don't seem to focus just on the power(norse giants were as powerful as gods) but on the role.
Not really, except insofar as it's wise to treat beings that power level as though they were nobles. Tyr, Odin, and to an extent Hel are the only Norse deities who are primarily judges of any sort; the difference between the Aesir, the Vanir. and the Jotun was largely a matter of tribes, although while all of the Aesir and Vanir appeared to have specific portfolios (i.e. being the god of something or other0, most Jotun do not seem to, being merely very powerful beings.

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What are they?
Genii locorum, embodied concepts, spirits of revered ancestors, and probably a variety of other things I can't think of offhand.
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