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Default Re: Powered Knights/Monks [Fantasy/Powers/Supers]

Hi Alexander,

depending on your understanding of High Powered Monks I currently work on my conversion of Deathwatch, i.e., high powered (and genetically enhanced) Space Marines. By some people called monks, sincere their chapter structure resembles mostly monastic organizations.

You can find various conversions like here (in German]), there (general WH40k]) and humbly mine.

From my experience (roughly a dozen sessions), the power level works pretty well. :)

Edit When looking at my provided pre-gen characters, you'll notice that the attributes are way to high - which I recently learned by getting more and more into GURPS. As such I will take elite soldiers for instance from Seals in Vietnam as basis. However, I quickly ended up around 500 points in creation, although taking into account many disadvantages (i.e., chapter demeanors).


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