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Default Powered Knights/Monks [Fantasy/Powers/Supers]

One of the possible scenarios that could evolve in a fantasy or science fiction setting with powered characters is the evolution of powered knights or monks (the Jedi of Star Wars being a primary example of the latter). One of the interesting aspects of such individuals is the powered gadget (such as the Light Sabre of the Jedi) that identifies an individual as a powered knight or monk. For example:

Light Sabre: Burning Attack 8d (Force Sword; Armor Divisor, /5, +150%; Breakable, DR 10, Machine, SM-4,-30%; Can Be Stolen, Contest of ST, -30%; Melee, Reach 1-2, Destructive Parry, -10%) [72] plus Corrosive Attack 8d (Alternative Attack; Force Sword; Breakable, DR 10, Machine, SM-4,-30%; Can Be Stolen, Contest of ST, -30% Incendiary, +20%; Melee, Reach 1-2, Destructive Parry, -10%) [8]. 80 points. Notes: Some characters use two Light Sabers. In that case, add dual weapon (+10%) and increase costs by +4 CP and +2 CP, for a total increase of +6 CP.

Of course, this suggests that powered knights and monks are going to be high level characters. Powered knights and monks should probably average 500 CP, making them much more capable than their mundane counterparts. They should also probably also have cinematic abilities to augment their powered abilities.

So, do you use powered knights and/or monks in your fantasy and/or science fiction games? If so, how well do they work? What are the primary issues related to using them?
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