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Originally Posted by awesomenessofme1 View Post
It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how it would actually work. Do you just choose every time you take a hit whether or not you want to spend FP to take it off your Super HP rather than regular HP? Is there some kind of ongoing cost?
I imagine that you would have to pay one FP each time you take damage to shift damage to the reserve HP. In order to keep it balanced with IT:DR, a minimum of one point of HP damage would be applied to regular HP and the remainder would be applied to reserve HP. If your reserve HP reached 0, you would need to check for consciousness and at -(reserve HP), you would need to check for death.

For example, Tungsten Girl would have ST 20 [100] and HP+10 (Super-Effort, +400%; Super, -10%) [98], giving her HP 30/120. She also possesses DR 10 (Super, -10%; Tough Skin, -40%) [25] and Homogeneous (Super, -10%) [36] because she is made of living tungsten. If she suffers 60 damage from a 50 caliber BMG, she would subtract 10 for her DR (leaving 50), divide by two because of Homogeneous (leaving 25), and spend 1 FP to shift all but one HP damage to her reserve HP (leaving her with 29/95 HP). Since she did not take a major wound, she does not have to roll for knockdown, though she will probably take cover.
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