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Default Re: ST fatigue and "reaction to injury"

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
The RAW are clear. It is hard to say what the intent might have been, but the words are straightforward. I'm o.k. with it.
I agree the rule is clear.
I agree that it is hard read the true intent of the Designer.

I suspect that it has to do with the fact that original Melee and Wizard were two distinct designs and probably in the coordination between the two systems they missed something. The lack of interation between the Designer and the TfT community of players, for 35 years, left untouched this rule.

the way the new Scrying spell is described confirms that usually a wizard could even die if he spends more ST than he has. So If he could die, then he can certainly suffer a DX penalty for the fatigue or be knocked down for the tremendous effort when casting a complex spell. It makes sense and it's what appears for RAW

I never liked this rule because makes wizard too weak and has several side effects all negative:

-the wizard tend to use simple spells to avoid the DX penalty in battle. no creativity, no risks.

-ST battery and all the objects useful to save wizard's energy (the new advanced Staff for example) become too important

-any "great wizard" using an important (ST 10+) spell looks clumsy and ridicolous since he falls badly on the ground everytime he has success.

Imagine a "summon lesser demon" spell with the wizard falling down half shocked. In the first turn the wizard cannot act or make anything while the just called Demon looks its master with the face on the ground...
after 5 embarassing seconds the wizard - finally on his feet still polishing his fine vest - says:" good afternoom demon you have 1 minute to ... well no... 55 seconds to..."

I think this rule designs a peculiar type of wizard. A weak wizard that must economize every ST point and that literally must fight in the sand and in the mud as any other figure. He can die for a wasted ST point in a worthless spell

We are not ready for this today as we were not ready in 1987. We imagine wizards as a lordly and elite combatant leaving the dirty work to his first line fighters. If a wizard falls down or suffers a penalty on DX probably a disaster already happened.

hence We house ruled that any reaction to injury applies only to the physical damage, and created two different tracks for ST: hits and fatigue. Death is possible only if hits taken are > ST.

you never die for fatigue, you falls inconscious at worst.
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