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Default Re: Making dragons slightly tougher

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
I also like to make the floor of their lair into incredibly bad terrain. What is intolerable for SM 0 folks isn't even a nuisance for something SM +3 or more (or that's immune to the hazard, or has enough DR to ignore it). Sudden 2 foot elevation changes, 2-3 foot wide cracks, pools/dripping streams of water, grease, flammable liquids, acids, magma, loose stone/sand*, bones of the dead, zombie body parts that are still mobile, etc.
This. I love the idea of doing battle on a floor that is riddled with deep fissures. Not hard to leap across, perhaps, but it slows movement, limits the ability to retreat, and provides an interesting knockback hazard for those wing and tail attacks. (And it would be fun to draw the tactical map.)
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