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Dragon's breath can be tinkered with to heart's content. You can make damage dice whatever you like. You can make damage type almost anything, with almost any special effects. You can make it a bigger cone or bigger area effect, or even an explosion originating at the dragon's mouth. You can decide that it's persistent.

The breath of "default" dragons is designed to strike a balance between scariness and giving well-prepared parties a fighting chance, between vastness and fitting on a sensible combat map. If your needs are different, there's no requirement to hold back. You could, if you wanted, simply rule that a dragon can twist its head around like a lawn sprinkler and engulf all targets within x yards of itself, no defense allowed.

This isn't even getting into "tricks": Don't like scouts? Let dragons roll vs. 3 + (Innate Attack/2) for "point defense," with success burning projectiles out of the air destroying even expensive ones, like magical arrows and fine spears and failure still allowing a Dodge roll. Party hanging back too far? Let dragons roll vs. DX to flap wings and blow acid or poison breath clouds (Air Move) yards toward cowering foes. Let dragons spend extra FP for higher damage or more range. And so on.
I think that when you write monster books you should have a bunch of variant monster powers included with the regular monster stats. DF PCs have lots more abilities and powers than old school D&D so the monsters should have a lot of cool powers to choose from. Maybe even a way to roll randomly for what powers the monster gets.
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