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Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Spells to her could be engraved on silver as she is a moon goddess.
Nannaru Su'en is a male god. Winged bull, long beard and all.

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Old women with an especial sheen of gray hair could be considered blessed in some manner, perhaps forming a reverse-vestal like clerical guild.
As noted, the daughters of kings often held some of the highest offices in the church hierarchy, so clearly women are acceptable as priestesses.

On the other hand, in-setting, there exist other moon gods, in other pantheons, and one of them, Selune, has been making inroads in the area. She is usually portrayed as a silver-gray haired middle-aged lady.

Su'en would want to avoid any potential for confusion with her, I should think. There are theories that the rebirth of Nannaru Su'en was only accomplished through a divine pact with Selune and that the reborn god is now subordinate to her, but even if that were true, there is no evidence that the faiths are to be merged in any way.

The high priest that the PCs met when the Legion of Nanna-Sin emerged from the god's realm into the Prime Material Plane is an old man. He does have three daughters, however, and a fairly young wife. His wife has no interest in being a high priestess*, but the three daughters are being groomed to take over temples, once some have been reopened.

*She is the daughter of a corrupt, decadent noble of an ancient line, tracing descent from a mortal offspring of Su'en some millenia ago. While considerably nicer than her deceased father, she was a terribly spoiled and sheltered teenager and much prefers the idea of being the wife of an important high priest to having to do actual administrative work herself.
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