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Default Re: [Sorcery] Spellbook project

Originally Posted by 2ndPope View Post
Aren't Skönja Vitner and Vitnaskönja the same spell with different names?
Yep. Vitnaskönja removed.

Originally Posted by 2ndPope View Post
Hvitja (Light) - I'm aware that I'm being a ruleslawyer here, but I do not think the affliction build works as intended.

• Cosmic: Affects objects as well as people, +50%
All afflictions with effects not negated by Immunity to Metabolic Hazards works on objects normally. They do ge a resistance roll.

• Cosmic: No Die Roll Needed, +100%
This remove the need to hit with the affliction. It does not remove the need for a affliction HT roll. Rules as written - NOTHING can remove that resistance roll.

The problem here is that with the existing rules there is no easy way to simulate a light-source. The basic rules for Sorcery Empowerment makes keeping a light-source up, without taking up your spell-slot and costing a FT every minute, difficult. I understand the choice of using a affliction with this spell. The only thing I can think of at the moment is to add:

• Cosmic, no resistance roll needed for willing targets, +100%

Other suggestions?
Well, willing targets can always waive the resistance roll... hmm. Maybe I should base it on Will, since normal objects don't have Will. That would be a nice bit of rules-lawyering, wouldn't it? :o)

I'll have to think about this and see how it functions in the game.
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