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I have finally got a working broadband connection for the PC, it's great to use a proper keyboard again. Formatting has been caught up with and a few edits have been made here and there.

Regarding Evileeyore's bee question from a many posts ago.
I've been mulling over the no bees apocalypse and it seems to be more of a drop in efficiency when it comes to food production rather than an End. A large number of pollinator species will have to be effected to have the complete "No Bees" result.

- There are many different bee species, maybe a thousand pollinate plants used for food production. There are also numerous other pollinators that are generally more specific in the plant species they interact with.
- Tree nuts and Citrus are the most susceptible to bee loss
- In general terms the loss of bees will result in an increase in labour requirements and a drop in productivity.
- Many weeds are going to be hard hit by the loss of bees.
- In most cases there are other pollinators.
- Pasture legumes can be pollinated by Bumble bees or Honey bees and produce copious amounts of seed (average seed density per m2 of pasture is in excess of 100,000 seeds for white clover) and has a high seed endurance.
- Potatoes, maize, wheat, oats, millets, amaranth to name but a few, don't require pollinators for food production. So bulk food production will remain which seems counter to AtE sensibilities.

Antibiotic resistance is one area that might spark some reductions in meat production, the push for antibiotics to be saved for humans is currently gaining momentum.
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