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Default Re: Words of Power with Threshold-Limited Magic

Originally Posted by DrFaust View Post
Following on from thinking about using threshold-limitation on a realm magic system, I came to Words of Power, which are something I'd like to include as they're part of the Cabal setting.

Only Words use the utterer's FP and HP for energy, with no outside sources. Given the high cost, would it be equally debilitating to add that to the caster's threshold tally? With a 30 point threshold, speaking a Word would rocket the tally right into calamity country, assuming the poor soul started at 0.

Or maybe resorting to the raw force of a Word of Power is calamity enough.
Or you could have each Word use its own Threshold, set it anywhere from 0-30, with whatever recovery, or lack of recovery you want.

Then it's all about risking calamities due to immediate need.
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