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Default Re: [Spaceships] Design switches, system availability etc. for Star Wars?

Originally Posted by OldSam View Post
one thing of relevance for all spaceships in a Star Wars Campaign is the piloting skill... Do you think that it's appropriate for Star Wars that the one skill "piloting (High-Performance Spacecraft)" covers all available ships in space?

IMO it's actually a too broad field for only one average-skill so I was thinking of good differentiations without going into much detail - a different skill for each fighters, shuttles, corvettes etc. would certainly be unhandy and too hard.

Maybe a suitable solution would be based on the Size-Modifier, something like small, medium and large ships, what do you think?

Basing on the table from Spaceships Vol. 1 with a look on the Handling etc. my suggestion would be "Small (Up to SM+6)", "Medium (SM+7 to +9)" and "Large (SM+10 and above)" [100yards+ and 10.000+ tons].

Would this be a good approach? Other solutions? Or do you think that the one skill with some familiarities is sufficient?
I remember the Star Wars Revised Core Rulebook (d20) had three classes of ship - starfighters, space transports, and capital ships. Piloting each one was a seperate feat. Starfighters were anything up to 20 meters long and 49 metric tons (SM+6), space transports were up to 100 meters and 499 metric tons (SM+10 for length, but only SM+7 for weight), and capital ships were anything beyond that. So, your numbers look pretty good. I'd personally change the naming scheme to "small=fighter," "medium=transport," and "large=capital."
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