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Default Re: Need a transhumanist bunnygirl template

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
Pets, maybe, but many wild rabbits are tough mothers capable of taking out larger house cats.
I admit that my experience is limited to the domestic variety, but I doubt the wild ones are all that different really. They freeze up because it overcomes the fight or flight instinct that they also possess, which is useful for not being noticed when the predator is something they couldn't possibly beat or outrun but disadvantageous if there was a chance of dealing with the situation themself.

In the case of Wild Bunny vs Larger House Cat, we're probably looking at higher HT than any domestic bunny would have on one side, and a bad case of Overconfidence on the other IMHO.

Originally Posted by Johan Larson View Post
Are you sure that's right? It seems to me the one things rabbits are good at is running away. Perhaps a special Combat Paralysis (Run Away) disadvantage is called for, for characters who are not stunned in the face of violence, but who dearly want to run run run away. Perhaps a -10 disadvantage rather than -15.
Wouldn't that just be Cowardice? A penalized Fright Check might cause superficially-similar stunning, but a Cowardly character definitely wants to run, and probably will as soon as they're able... Unless you mean a Disadvantage that would force immediate flight with no chance of stunning on a failed roll, which IMHO would be worth a lot less than [-10]...
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