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Region 4: 'Great Plains Command'

States: Arizona, Colorado, Dakota (formerly North Dakota and South Dakota), Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming.

Headquarters: Houston, Texas.
Subregional Headquarters: Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bismarck, Dakota, Casper, Wyoming, Sioux Falls, Dakota, Wichita, Kansas.

Population: ~190 million.

Deputy Commissioner: Li Chen Jones.

Region 4 is the least populous of the 'primary' Patrol Regions, with only Regions 6 and 7 having fewer people. It has a relatively small Patrol presence in terms of personnel, but maintains multiple facilities simply because the region is so enormous in area.

Relatively lightly populated, this region faces long borders with Imperial territory on both the north and the south, with the result that Region 4 houses the largest permanent U.S. Army garrisons in the USA. Texas remains the economic and social dominant force in Region 4, by far, though Colorado is a significant second-tier rival.

Mining and ranching are important industries in Region 4, though cutting-edge technology clusters have emerged in Texas, Colorado, and Nebraska.

To be continued...
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