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Default Re: [Basic] Disadvantage of the Week: Overconfidence

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Cursed would change that since it lets the GM do anything it wants to the character. Weirdness Magnet would just change the flavour of the terrible things that happen.
This isn't the proper thread for this discussion, but Cursed does not say exactly that. Cursed does not make other disadvantages do something they do not do naturally. While it lets the GM mess with the character, if another trait does something, Cursed does not automatically change the nature of what happens (beyond ensuring it isn't "good" for the character).

Cursed + Weirdness Magnet is no worse for a character than Cursed alone. If you consider Cursed + Weirdness Magnet a death sentence, Cursed alone is also a death sentence.
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