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Originally Posted by tomc View Post
You could just go ahead and create Conan with any stats you want, as an NPC. But you couldn't take a normal hero and advance him to Conan like stats with the new rules.

The problem is that if the rules allow for it, then heroes can advance to it, and folks will call it "attribute bloat".
That's not actually how anyone defined "attribute bloat." That particular problem arose because the ONLY way to create Conan was to create Conan the Nuclear Physicist. The real issue comes when we tie the number of Talents/Spells to the IQ number in some arbitrary fashion. I can easily see keeping certain talents at a higher IQ, since some require more brainpower/will/concentration to learn than others, but saying you can only have X number of talents (where X equals the number of IQ points you have) is the root of the problem, and not how anyone actually learns anything.

For example, I have the following talents (in no particular order): Language (English), Language (Russian), Language (German), Language (Spanish, well, Tex-Mex, really, but it still qualifies), Literacy, Scholarship (History), Fly (Helicopter), Light Infantryman, Marksmanship, Rifle, Pistol, Mathematics, Scholarship (Targeting), Running, Sword (Rapier, Foil and Sabre), Fencing, UC I, UC II, UC III, Leadership, Tactics, Strategy, Navigation, and probably one or two more that I'm not thinking of right now. I can virtually guarantee that my IQ isn't 30+ however. If I can learn that many skills (admittedly, I'm in my late 50's now), then anyone with a reasonable IQ, similar to mine, can do it too. Most of the people on here that are my age are probably just as skilled as I am in different fields, and would probably come up with around the same number of skills, many of which are quite expensive.

In short, this continuing need to somehow "limit" what people can learn (OTHER than saying that if you have an IQ of 7, you can't learn skills of IQ 8 or higher) seems to me to be greatly misplaced. And once you remove that oddball limitation, then Conan is easy to create using the current attribute caps and XP rules. (By "easy" I mean it can be accomplished within the limits -- clearly learning all that stuff that Conan knew would be a LOT of XP and take quite a while.)

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