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Default Re: Unarmed vs. Knife

Originally Posted by BraselC5048 View Post
Why is everybody assuming Judo is the best option? From the standpoint of somebody using Karate, the options almost seem a lot better. Low odds of disarming, but good odds of wining the fight by simply beating him up enough.

Why not a simple Kick to the weapon hand, using Karate? If you've spent the 3 points to buy off the -2 for kicking, it's a 14 or less roll to hit (assuming skill 18). The target, assuming Knife-12, has Parry 9.
Thing is if we're assuming Skill 18 vs. Skill 12 the actually skill choice against the knife wielder does become less relevant as he's sitting on 6 pt skill advantage, and that's a big advantage especially in this range (16 vs. 10 would be even worse).

A skill 18 knife vs. a skill 12 unarmed is quicker of course, weapons value add and force multiply after all.
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