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Default Re: Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet

Version 2.04 of the Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet released.

Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet 2.04
Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet 2.04 eReader Version Imperial
Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet 2.04 eReader Version Metric

Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet 2.04 - InDesign Source File

Changes 2.04:
  • Changed the color scheme: The maneuvers are now GREEN for GO! and the defenses are RED for DANGER... or something like that.
  • Monster Hunter/Action Range Table for quicker gameplay - I colored up the standart range/speed table and made the value bold italic that are to be used with monster hunters and action.
  • Thanks celti for pointing out the flaw in the hit location table "I just found a flaw in the Hit Locations section; in note 11, it says 'Other attacks cannot target the vitals', but crushing attacks can, as per note 18 and the last paragraph of p.137 in Martial Arts."
  • Thanks LordHelmet for suggesting to (re)add a damage modifier table.

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