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Default Re: Need a transhumanist bunnygirl template

Below is my recommendation. I'll comment where I think it's appropriate.

Attributes [30]
ST 9 [-10]
DX 11 [20]

Basic Speed 5.75 [10]
Basic Move 7 [10]

Advantages [38]
Acute Hearing 3 [6]
Appearance (Attractive) [4]
I figure that bunnygirls would be built to be attractive. It's sort of implied that they are flirty sexpots.
Claws (Blunt Claws) [3]
Night Vision (5) [5]
I'm pretty sure that rabbits have tapeda lucidum.
Racial Skill Bonus (Jumping) (2) [4]
Striking ST (2) (Doesn't give general damage bonus (e.g. for Limited: One Weapon); Kicks Only) [6]
Super Jump (1) [10]

Perks [1]
Fur [1]
Fur, of course, is to taste.

Disadvantages [-54]
Addiction (Special Food or Drink) (Cheap) [-5]
Cowardice (12 or less) [-10]
As flighty herbivore derived, rabbitgirls should be paranoid of realistic danger, always looking out for things.
Dependency (Special Food or Drink) (Very Common) (Monthly) [-5]
Ham-Fisted (-1) [-5]
Lecherousness (9 or less) [-22]
You gotta go with this! It's part of the whole idea, right? I mean, aside from cuteness and deliciousness, rabbits are known for their insatiable appetites for sex.
Unnatural Feature (Bunny Tail, Bunny Ears, Other Bunny Characteristics) (-2) [-2]
The main effect here is that bunnygirls have difficulty disguising themselves as non-bunnygirls.
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]

Quirks [-1]
Minor Addiction (Food or Drink) [-1]

Stats [30] Ads [38] Disads [-54] Quirks [-1] Skills [0] = Total [14]
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