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Default Re: 25mm Payload Rifle [Ultratech]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
And at a much longer range. An ETC 25mm Underbarrel GL has a range of 540/3,300 (which is not that bad for a secondary weapon) while an ETC 25mm Payload Rifle has a range of 1200/12,750 (a significant jump). Of course, either one can benefit from viper rounds, it is just that the speed that is different.
Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Hostile people 8500 yards away are the army's job.
I actually deleted an analysis of the range from the original post. The Grenade launcher has a sizable fraction of the payload riffle's range, and needing a semi-portable weapon to fire from 2 to 8 km away is fairly niche, and feels rather military. Those are artillery ranges, and the use of homing bullets in the above example kind of proves that point: almost no PC is going to be able to reliably hit anything at -17 range penalties. I struggle to think of gaming situations where striking from 3 miles away is routinely a much better option than striking from 1 mile away. In built up areas, you don't get those kind of ranges. In remote areas, Its better to just use the weapons mounted on your vehicle.
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