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Default Re: 25mm Payload Rifle [Ultratech]

And at a much longer range. An ETC 25mm Underbarrel GL has a range of 540/3,300 (which is not that bad for a secondary weapon) while an ETC 25mm Payload Rifle has a range of 1200/12,750 (a significant jump). Of course, either one can benefit from viper rounds, it is just that the speed that is different.

A 25mm Underbarrel GL is also not a bad short range combat option for a 25mm Payload Rifle. The ST is lower, so the average soldier can fire it without using the bipod, and it offers 3 extra shots for 1.5 lbs (half the weight of a three rounds for the rifle). It would not a horrible idea to have a load of Thermobaric in the GL for short range combat and a load of Shapecharge in the PR for long range combat. Of course, a 25mm Underbarrel GL is probably an essential option for any TL9 soldier (as every soldier could have three viper shapecharge rounds loaded for bear).
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