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Default Re: Main-gauche vs. Dagger

Gobber, Goblin, age 20
ST 6, DX 15, IQ 11, MA 10
Talents include: Climbing, Dagger Expertise, Shield Expertise, Tactics, Thrown Weapons
Language: Goblin
Weapon: 4* very fine daggers (1d+2)
Attacks and Damage: Punch (1d-4)
Armor: Small shield stops 2 hits, -2 DX to be hit for expertise

Against an IQ 8 fighter in fine plate and tower shield Gobber has a 50% hit chance with the head toss at 1-hex and a hit has a 83.33% chance of a knock over, for a combined 42% chance of a one-shot.

What really kills armored types is the encumbrance rules:
Short sword 4 pounds
Chain mail 30 pounds
large shield 20 pounds
misc stuff 16 pounds
70 pounds / ST 11 = 6.3x load, another -1 DX
ST 11, DX 13 (8), IQ 8, MA 6, etc.

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