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Default Re: Real-Life Weirdness

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Dragon

One of the Duga-3 reciever sites has the interesting distinction of being in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, in case the site itself isn't weird enough...

Yeah, I could see some really interesting cold-war black-ops stuff there. Imagine an op on that day. Everything going so well until the entire army decided to pay the area a visit...

I've wanted to do a Stalker-style campaign for a while, now, and the Duga-3 site south of the reactor would definately be a key landmark.
Exactly. Blowing up a "woodpecker" array seems like an --ahem-- plausible James Bond-style Cold War mission. Tossing in a nuclear disaster that brings the army would be an interesting spin. Soviet-era engineering is good for scary giant-machines-failing weirdness in general.
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