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Default Adventures in Transhuman Space

Games like The Fantasy Trip, Call of Cthulhu, and D&D are pretty straightforward in terms of what players can expect PCs to do, and published adventures are eagerly sought after by their player base. Indeed, some adventures, like Tolenkar's Lair and Masks of Nyarlathotep are seen by many as rites of passage. Transhuman Space is a superbly detailed setting, but there are only a few published adventures--about one adventure for every 10-or-so publications (I'm not certain, but this seems like an atypical ratio), and those few seem to have only tepid reviews on these forums. Is there something about this setting that makes published adventures difficult to accomplish? Or is it something about the people who play in the setting? In short, why are there not more adventures that help highlight the uniqueness of Transhuman Space? I don't think it is something about GURPS itself or GURPS players themselves, since DFRPG seems to have warmly-welcomed adventures, and there is another coming in the queue.
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