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Default Characters I wanna write up

In Nomine characters I need to get off my ass and actually write up:
  1. Belphegor, the habbalah demon prince of Excrement (countered by a Wordbound bright lilu of Animals in service to Flowers)
  2. Saint Judas Thaddeus the Apostle, a saint still kinda angry at Judas Iscariot for having the same name as him, but having adjusted to being the one called on in extreme cases (when the pray-er is willing to take the risk of getting the wrong Judas) and now serves Christopher as a doctor.
  3. Charles Grey, a saint in service to Laurence and Janus, on good terms with Lilith, pursuing a grudge against Haagenti for connecting his name permanently with tea rather than the abolition of slavery
  4. Those twinned saints who were depicted as lovers in the Orthodox Church (Cosmas and Damian might be examples, iirc) ~ one was made up, so it would be an ethereal/saint relationship
  5. Saint Therese de Lisieux, another of Christopher's
  6. the angel of Skunks, a malak of Animals
  7. the angel of Poison Oak, a malak of Flowers
  8. THE ****ING ANGEL OF FORKS IN SERVICE TO THE SWORD UNDER ETIQUETTE (I've needed to write them up for godsdamn years)
either e/em/eir pronouns OR fey/fem/fear OR be/bim/bos pronouns {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}

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