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Default Re: Body Slamming A Swarm

Without a jump, a body slam can probably be approximated as a fall from 1/2 your height. For an SM+0 character, that's 1 yard and a velocity of 5. For a beefy ST 14 or so luchador, that's 0.7d of falling damage to him, and I'd probably double it for the rats if they're on relatively unyielding ground (they probably break his fall enough he doesn't get the damage doubled, fortunately), to 1.4d. That's roughly 1d-1 cr to him, 1d+1 cr to the rats. If he jumps first, he adds his jump height to the starting height of the fall; without something to springboard off of, and assuming Basic Move below 8 and Jumping-14, and jumping without a couple seconds to prepare (that is, jumping in combat), you'd add 16", and will boost to roughly 5.5 yards/second, which you would be justified in rounding up to 6 (after all, a 1 yard fall only has a velocity of around 4.6 yards/second, but GURPS rounds this up to 5). That's 0.84d and 1.68d, respectively, for 1d-1 to the luchador and 1d+2 (or 2d-1) to the rats.
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