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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
I'm far crueler than you are, clearly. :)
I've embraced the "Monty Haul" roots of "old skool" play. Of course, I also don't care if the PCs all get Money Rot* from hauling that cursed treasure out of the dungeon...

* Money Rot: Curse, Will-5. Inflicts one level of Lowered Wealth and a "spend it like it's water" Disadvantage†. The Character finds themselves unable to keep money for any prolonged periods of time. They find themselves tipping generously, giving to the Poor (even if they are Dead Broke), buying frivolous unnecessary useless things, and generally just watching money slide from their grip (yes, money pouches and pockets will develop holes, they'll drop change to see roll into the sewer, etc).

The Curse also transmits to people they spend inordinate amounts of time with who are carrying or have large sums of treasure or money. Check once per delve to inflict upon follow delvers, and once per "sell/buy-a-thon" to inflict it upon merchants. If merchants become inflicted, the PC group (even if only one PC is cursed) temporarily gains "Social Stigma (Criminal Record)" until such a time as they can prove to the Merchant Guild that they are clean (a remove curse on the cursed, a cleansing ritual for the whole group, and a costly Seal of Purity from the Church covers this).

† If the PC has disads that already causes them to spend‡ more in town (Charitable, Compulsive [X], Disciples of Faith (Tithing 5%) [-5], Lecherousness, etc) then I usually just increase the Self Control roll (or the amount, ie DoF(T) goes to 10%). If they don't then I treat them as having one of these, whichever is the most appropriate, or just Unlucky (Money Loss). If they are a loner who prefers to live in the wilderness and they give all their money to their fellows to spend on their behalf, then they get Unluckiness (Gear Breakage) and some piece(s) of expensive gear (totalling $200 worth) breaks every delve.

‡ Basically to give some of these disads 'bite', I decided they increase the the cost of living as though they were Compulsive Generosity, but one step lower (Self Control of 15=+0%, 12=+5%, 9=+10%, 6=+15%).

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