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Default Re: Does a Reptile Man double their HTH damage before or after their UC/Brawling bonu

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
Doesn't that kiind of make it pointless for people with Brawling to ready a dagger for HTH[/I], then, since dirty Brawling would be dmg + 2 +1 in HTH, equal to +3 for a dagger? Or do we think the brawling bonus can stack with the dagger-in-HTH bonus? (I suppose we'd better, as I don't think it makes much sense otherwise.)
Page 35:
• Punch. You do one extra hit of damage with bare hands in either HTH or regular combat.
• Dirty Fighting. You may choose to do two extra hits of damage with bare hands in either HTH or regular combat,

Apparently bare hands only, so you better not be wearing armor as this includes gloves.

Note to all ladies: Please remember that you can't use dirty fighting with a knee strike against gentlemen!
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