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Default Re: Does a Reptile Man double their HTH damage before or after their UC/Brawling bonu

In the absence of a ruling from SJ, I would tend to interpret the RAW this way:

* The rule says they do double damage for their ST, not double to the effects of their talents.
* To me, "double the damage" means double the dice and adds, not roll normal and multiply the results.
* Calling it two separate attacks would be a house rule. It does seem to make nice sense referring to the "jaws and claws" description, and make sense to handle as two attacks (armor applies to each), but I think if young SJ had meant that, he would have written that they get two attacks in HTH, not double damage for their ST.

So a Reptile Man with ST 16 would do 1d damage with bare claw attacks outside HTH, or 2d damage in HTH. A dirty Brawling +2 attack would do 1d+2 outside HTH, 2d+2 in HTH. Or with a dagger, 1d-1 outside HTH, 2d+3 in HTH.
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