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Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
It does if you don't already know the Sword talent. Again, without rules for each talent, the GM's opinion might vary as above from "anyone can become an expert or master with enough XP" to having it be much harder or even impossible without an expert or master trainer.

Perhaps. Some of them probably usually are (carousing, brawling, sex appeal...), but perhaps most would be much easier with a good teacher, and some are nearly impossible without the right situation/materials (horsemanship, swimming, chemistry/alchemy). Some of them make a lot more sense to be able to study while adventuring than others.
I disagree on the Sword talents. The more you use it, the better you get at it. You can learn it without a teacher. Who taught the first teacher?

Second paragraph raises a good point. If you have a teacher for carousing, brawling, etc. maybe you can learn them faster/easier (less XP).

Need a teacher for Horsemanship, Swimming, Chemistry, and Alchemy? Yes, except for swimming. You don't need a teacher to learn to swim.

The other great point you raised is that's all up to the GM.

By the way, here's the description for Toughness:
"Years of combat experience have made you
hard to hit, and you know how to take a blow."
Seems pretty clear you don't need a teacher (other than the school of hard knocks).

Skarg, I think I misunderstood you on Swords. Yes, one's first lesson in Swords should come from a teacher. After that, one can further their skill one's own (Sword Expert/Master).

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