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Originally Posted by platimus View Post
What sort of study is needed for "Toughness"?

Why doesn't swinging your sword while adventuring make you better with "Swords"?

80-90% of the Talents could be self-taught and learned through experience (while adventuring or practicing between adventures)

Yes, something like Chemist, Alchemy, Physicker, etc. needs to have a teacher, school, or book of some sort to learn from.

You might get better at SWINGING a sword but might not get any better at USING a sword.

We had a visitor one day at our dojo who proudly announced that he had spent 17 years in his training. When he left I overheard the sensei comment to his assistant, "It is so sad to see someone who has repeated the same year 17 times."

Without taking time for training, or, at least, patterning yourself on someone who has training and who is willing to share his knowledge, you won't get very far.

In TFT higher skill levels are reflected in higher ST, DX and IQ. That's why I'm still thinking about these new multi level talents that only add quantitative benefits rather than qualitative benefits. While we had Warrior and Veteran, and Tactics and Strategy, which were quantitative, the difference between Physicker and Master Physicker was, and is, much more than healing one more HP.
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