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Originally Posted by Helborn View Post
Steve's original errata for ITL

Clarification (this is supposed to be under Talents, but I can't find it. Possibly I omitted it from the final draft.) "It takes a minimum of 3 months of study to add a talent requiring 1 IQ point. A 2-point talent takes 6 months, a 3-point talent 9 months. These times double for wizards."

Characters were supposed to have jobs and jobs allowed time for training. Adventuring was "in between time" when you could get away or you quit your job. It was assumed that you MIGHT continue practicing/studying a future Talent while adventuring, but my GM did not count that time towards study unless someone in your party had the Talent you were studying.

I agree that the same concept needs to be added in the new ITL.

We didn't see that errata back in the 1980's, but it was clear some amount of time was involved, so the GM had to rule how much.

Originally Posted by platimus View Post
What sort of study is needed for "Toughness"?

Er, or how about training with someone who has the talent and/or knows how to train it? As in, fight training by someone who emphasizes dodging and rolling with blows.

Really though, in the absence of an official list, for each talent, the GM is left having to rule what is reasonable. Some might say just having the XP and prereqs are enough, some might say a 1 or more years of combat/adventure experience per point is enough, and another might also want you to train with someone.

Originally Posted by platimus View Post
Why doesn't swinging your sword while adventuring make you better with "Swords"?
It does if you don't already know the Sword talent. Again, without rules for each talent, the GM's opinion might vary as above from "anyone can become an expert or master with enough XP" to having it be much harder or even impossible without an expert or master trainer.

Originally Posted by platimus View Post
80-90% of the Talents could be self-taught and learned through experience (while adventuring or practicing between adventures)
Perhaps. Some of them probably usually are (carousing, brawling, sex appeal...), but perhaps most would be much easier with a good teacher, and some are nearly impossible without the right situation/materials (horsemanship, swimming, chemistry/alchemy). Some of them make a lot more sense to be able to study while adventuring than others.
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