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Default Re: IQ rise and talents

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
I was thinking about this too and for some reason, it bothers me. Is it right or realistic (and I know that is a loaded term) to have no limits whatsoever on the talents and spells that a character can aquire? Shouldn't it get more difficult to learn new things at a certain point? Why wouldn't costs go up eventually?
Personally, I think they SHOULD go up -- based on the IQ level of the talent you are seeking to learn, and I've said so repeatedly in these threads since Steve first promulgated the new rules.

But, in regard to your first sentence, roleplaying places (or at least should place) limits on what you can learn -- you should need to find someone to teach you those talents you want to learn. No one learns to fence on their own; someone has to show them the rudiments at least of the skill before they can actually learn it, and no one becomes a blacksmith on their own for the same reasons. You might learn to physically ride a horse on your own, but even there, having someone teach you the rest of the skills you need (to care for the horse) still requires someone else to help.
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